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Electrostatic charges can disrupt the accuracy of your digital scale, but the problem can be reduced or eliminated by a simple "treatment" with a household product.


This informal and unofficial summary of faceted Sunstone gem prices was subjectively derived from various commercial sources, and will provide the casual investigator a working basis for approximating the value of the more commonly found varieties and colors.    The commonly used "A, AA, AAA, etc." Sunstone grades employed by some are not used here due to difficulties in establishing clear and consistent definitions.  Please note this guide is primarily intended for internal "Lincoln Gems and Craft" use.  Other price guides should also be consulted when formal estimates are needed, most notably those periodically included in the "Lapidary Journal", or in published  "Gem Buyers Guide" books written by gemology professionals.   Feedback on the pricing detail, grading structure, or retail customer price acceptance would be greatly appreciated.

Juniper Ridge faceted Fire Opal Pricing Guide (rev. 8/3/2009

This guide and pricing schedule represents a subjective compilation of various published Juniper Ridge and similar Fire Opal prices and price schedules.  There are a wide range of published prices, and very subjective color and quality appraisals and their designations in the various sources.  Due to the difficulty in finding a universally accepted definition, this guide does not yet use the somewhat traditional "Extra Fine, Fine, Good, and Commercial" opal quality classifications, but none-the-less contains pricing factors that reflect the intent.  This is a dynamic pricing guide, and as new facts are established updates will be made.  Input or feedback regarding Juniper Ridge Fire and similar Opal prices would be appreciated.

Planning Removal of Cutting Inducted Sub-Surface Damage (rev. 8/12/2009)

Sub-surface damage induced by normal shock and gouging associated with various lapidary lap grits is often a hidden problem not always seen by a cutter.  Knowing it exists and taking positive steps to define and deal with it is the path to easier cutting, and flaw free gems.  This planning guide is a practical approach utilizing in composite  the experiences of Lincoln Gems and Craft, and a number of good verbal and written tips offered by others.


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