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Oval Cut Reddish-Orange Sunstone
Catalog Number:  LGS020113.1  Price:  $170.30 (Sold, Thank You)

Oval Reddish-Orange SunstoneSource:  Dust Devil Mine, Oregon
Cut:  Oval, 8.32x6.38 mm, 1.31 ct
Cut by:   Jerry L. Webster, Lincoln Gems and Craft
Design Source:  Long & Steele
Primary Color:  Munsell 2.5R: 7/8 or GIA O: 4/3
Observations:  Reddish-Orange zoning, feather schiller visible in table
Refractive Index (R.I.):  1.56+ (alpha) 
Specific Gravity (G):  2.72+
Brilliance:  Good return, some windowing, and minor extinction.

A larger Hi-Rez, but slow loading, image available.

If you are interested in a custom cut Colored Sunstone please contact us to explore availability and options.


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