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Sunstone Gem Color Varieties

Champagne and Clear Sunstone Gems  Gems with only a clear, light yellow or Champagne color.  Champagne colored gems often are cut to exhibit  high brilliance and dispersion fire.  Occasionally, larger gems are cut for enhanced Champagne color rather than brilliance.

Schiller Sunstone gems  Gems colored only by the copper schiller planes oriented within a Champagne or light yellow body.  The gem color variations are mainly light to medium dark in tone, and slightly to moderately strong orange to reddish-orange in hue.  The copper schiller may or may not be directly visible through the gem table.  In general the colors resemble some varieties of wines.  Some gems with very strong schiller planes may have significantly higher tonal value (darker), and are frequently cut for color enhancement rather than brilliance.

Colored Sunstone Gems  Gems colored by internal zones or regions within a Champagne or light yellow body.  The color zones in general are ellipsoids of variable size and proportion, with sharp to medium sharp demarcations in the center of the gem crystal.  The color zones are typically orange, reddish-orange, raspberry, or watermelon red in color.  Often, the gems are bi-colored with a central orange/red zone encased  in a thin to thick green colored layer.   Less commonly, but not rare, the color zone is entirely green.  Copper schiller planes may also be present.  Except for green, the colors tend to resemble various wine varieties.  The green gems are typically light to medium in tone, and very slightly bluish-green to green-blue in hue.  Bi-colored gems, unless cut with proper crystal axis orientation and color zone placement, may have a slight to strong muddy "olive-brown" appearance.

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