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What's New?


August 1, 2010

Posted  items as sold.  New website design is still in progress, but work has been placed on hold due to several commissioned projects.  Design basics done, and now working on photography for items being sold.


April 6, 2010


General text clean-up, and sales status updates.  At this time, progress on the new website structure and content has re-started after being shelved for several months by more pressing issues.  No promised date for posting, but its coming.  The new website structure will include PayPal Shopping Cart and "Buy it" functions, allowing all major credit cards and PayPal accounts to be used.  The site will feature some dynamic graphics, and will have improved photos of products (higher resolution, and better color balanced photography lighting environments.)  Due to the enhanced, and often more, photos the pages in some cases will be slower loading, which is only a problem if 56kbps dial-up access is used.   To minimize the loading delay, lower resolution images will be preloaded for viewing while the higher resolutions images load.  In any case the loading time will not be a major problem unless you are using 56kbps access, and are in a hurry.


October 5, 2009


The forum function had many problems, and was removed.


October 3, 2009


Posted a trial "GemTalk" discussion group or forum.  It is open, and can be used by anyone at this time.


September 8, 2009


Solved some "Tips" file download problems by changing to a "View in Adobe Acrobat" option, which also affords a cleaner "Print" and "Save" in PDF format capability.  A free Adobe Acrobat download option was include to assist those that need an upgrade. 


The problem was that some browsers will only "open" rather than "download" a linked "Word" (or other Microsoft product) file when the download option was clicked.  The only other "easy" solution was to "ZIP" or compress the files, which the user must first "UNZIP" to view.  I personally don't like the inconvenience of "ZIPPED" files when "browsing", so "PDF" seemed best to me.  Future offerings that involve "Excel" spreadsheet files may have to be "ZIPPED" to be downloaded, but that's still to be determined.


August 18, 2009


Link page update.


August 4, 2009


We are still working on our new web page.,  The structure, special effects and especially the photo work are proving to be major work efforts.  Progress is being made, however, and we are still hopeful for the new look to be on-line this year.  Please try our site again later, and in the mean time contact us for any cutting, jewelry, gemstone, or gem rough needs you may have.  We have over 5000 carats of colored Oregon Sunstone on-hand, and will hand pick to your described need.  We also have parcels of commercially cut Oregon Sunstone gems on-hand, and will hand pick to your needs.  Almost all of our Sunstone is from the Dust Devil Mine in Oregon.



September 7, 2008


A major clearance price reduction for selected Fire Opal, Sunstone, Amethyst, Citrine, Tourmaline and other gemstones.


April 23, 2008


Just a quick update on the status of the "new" web page publication mentioned in the January 16, 2008 message.  We are nearer to being ready to publish, and have completed the site structure and support pages.  That is, all but the new gem and jewelry discussion  "Forum", and the "Will Call" functions.  We have also added a "Shopping Cart" function using PayPal.  This function will allow direct purchases without having to contact us in advance.  Should make it much easier to purchase an item.  When you "checkout" PayPal will of course attempt to get you to use your PayPal account, or get you to establish an account, but just click of "Credit Card" if that the way you wish to handle the purchase.  I have used other sites with exactly the same "Cart" function, and its easy and friendly.


The forum is for visitor participation in discussions and comments about gems, jewelry, rough, and any other related topic.  Not sure whether the forum will be open to all visitors, or to those that pre-register.  There is some feedback that if serious artists, dealers, and others in the business are to be completely candid in their comments some measures would be required to protect semi-proprietary information.  Others suggest only an open forum could be fully useful and attractive to the greater portion of visitors.  We will decide soon, and if you wish to "opine" (Bill O'Reilly will get to you every time) drop us an e-mail.


The Will Call function allows a buyer to purchase custom work directly from the web site once notified work is completed.  Just login to the site, and click Will Call.  Login options for completed work will be presented.  All you have to do is just login using the password given to you with the completion notification.  Once logged in, you will see detail photos with appropriate additional information.  If you like what you see just use the "Buy" and "Shopping Cart" functions to claim the item(s).  If you are someone that likes to propose price deals, an e-mail proposal from you will result in an e-mail yes or no to your offer.  If yes, you can go to Will Call and claim your purchases as described above.  Without the password received with the notification others cannot see or claim the items in question.  Sounds complicated, but is actually very easy.


The major work remaining to be done is photographing all the existing and new gem and jewelry items.  We just received our new camera, and the Gem Box lighted photo studio from MK Digital company.  Have run a few test shots, and it works like a charm.  We expect to "publish the new site in the next several weeks, perhaps late May.  If there is further delay we will post another update.


You may note we have also fixed a few problems in the existing site, but nothing of great notice.


Until later.--------- Us at Lincoln Gems and Craft


PS:  By the way, Tucson was great this year.  Lots of eager sellers, and lots of good bargains in loose gems, including certified safe Blue Topaz.  We will be expanding our offering of commercial gems and jewelry made from them.


January 16, 2008


With this update we welcome the appearance of Bill Harbor, a guest cutter from Mobile, Alabama.  An attractive Juniper Ridge Fire Opal of his is posted in our Opal Gems listings.  We hope to see more of Bill's work here, and invite other cutters and artists to consider us for sales presentations.

We are still working on our new webpage look and functions.  Its been a long time coming, with a number of technology hurdles unique to our do it yourself approach, but it looks like the "new" new webpage target date will be in April, 2008.  Standby, and thank you for putting up with our delays.

Lincoln Gems and Craft is still interested in domestic gem material.  Whether you have a source, or have small one time parcels of rough material, we may be interested.  We are interested in facet grade Beryl, Tourmaline, "Fire Opal",  Pyrope Garnet, clean Idaho Garnet (highly transparent, non star), Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine, Spessartite Garnets (small "Mandarin Orange" ones from Idaho's Pierce District pegmatite's would be great), "Strawberry Quartz", Utah Topaz, Oregon Sunstones, or anything that is novel.  Please e-mail

Anyone interested in the "Mythology" or "Mystic" powers attributed to gemstones and crystals?  If so, let us know and perhaps something of interest along those lines can be added in the future.

Are you operating a Web Page that could be cross linked to this one for mutual benefits?  If you think so, please send an e-mail to  proposing such a thing.  Include enough detail to allow our viewing of your site, clarify who you are, and define the language you would like used to describe your site.

Until the next update, and maybe we will see some of you in Tucson this February.

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