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Here are some links to other sites related to gems, lapidary, and jewelry that we find to be interesting.  Also included are some sites that are not topically related, but are good for warming the inner being.
Gemstone, Lapidary and Jewelry Stuff

Juniper Ridge Opal Mine: The State of Oregon produces some very fine Fire Opal.  One of the best sources is this mine. A place to visit for a fee dig, or on their website for information about Oregon Opals. If you can't visit the mine you can feel safe in ordering facet grade rough sight unseen, and getting a fair price for material that has been properly dry cured for stability.
Dust Devil Mine: Oregon Sunstone is a beautiful and growingly popular feldspar gem material containing copper.  Feldspars of this type and color are unique to Oregon, and found nowhere else in the world. We are indeed fortunate that some sources are still open to the public and artist cutters. The Dust Devil Mine is such a site. This mine produces some of the highest quality material, and for years has stood by a pledge to continue popular access to Sunstone rough.  Their rough is of very good quality, and they have honest and fair fee digging pricing. The atmosphere is very friendly, and their operations are interesting to observe. The environment is rustic, and is clearly a mining site rather than a tourist facility. They do offer on-site self contained camping/RV parking, but self contained is a key word here. They are 25 miles, more or less, to any services or water.  I myself, when there for any extended period, take a periodic trip to Lakeview, Oregon for supplies, water, somebody else's cooking, and a days break from the desert environment.  A pleasant and scenic drive if taken leisurely.


Oregon Sunstone Blog: Interested in keeping current on happenings in the Sunstone world?  Visit the Blog operated by Karla.  She tries to facilitate information exchange on Sunstone gems, jewelry and artists. Her site also provides links to her web store and other sites of interest.  Worth the visit.

The ColorWright: A good source for selected faceting supplies and rough gem material.  Rob answers his e-mail, and doesn't hesitate to call if an order needs clarification.

New Era Gems: This site has a wide range of gem rough from around the world. They maintain a good supply of popular materials, but frequently they do offer fresh new materials not easily found elsewhere. They can be visited at their Grass Valley, California, shop by appointment.  They also attend many of the major gem and jewelry trade shows.  In addition to their on-line offerings they also periodically publish a nice "glossy" catalogue with good photos.

Thomas M. Schneider Company: This is another good place to find gem rough. They also attend many gem and jewelry trade shows, and publish a nice full color catalogue. When looking for "stuff" they are a good resource to keep on tap.
Alpha Supply, Inc.: A good source for jewelry and lapidary equipment, tools, and supplies.  They provide good customer support should you need additional information. They recently merged with another major supplier, and are in the process of integrating their operations, but should soon be back on-line. Keep trying.
Gemological Institute of America: Good factual information, gemology equipment and tools, and topical books.  Good follow-up on questions and order details.
Other Stuff, but Fun
Men of Worth: The Official  Men of Worth website. Troubadours for those with a bit of bur in their hearts, if not on their tongues. Check out their schedule for a show date near you. Donnie and James offer a Gaelic musical performance well worth attending. They also have a series of tours scheduled for of both Scotland and Ireland that you can sign-up for.
Chile-Head: This website operated by Graeme Castleton is a good place to enter the "Ring of Fire", and the cult of hot pepper enthusiasts'. Graeme also answers his e-mail, and doesn't seem to mind questions from novices.

Interested in cross linking with this site?  If so, please read the bottom section of the What's New? page.



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