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Welcome to Lincoln Gems and Craft


Source for Colored Gems and Jewelry, Oregon Sunstone and Fire Opal, and Faceting Services.


Gemstones, and even gem rough, are beautiful and interesting to look at.  Individual interests in gems can vary from collecting rough uncut material, cutting cabs or faceted gems, gathering a fine gem collection, or developing a selection of personal jewelry.  Part of the interest and attraction can be finding new gem types, learning new cuts, the broad study of mineralogy or gemology, or serious detailed original studies of gem physical properties.  For some fanciers, unaltered gem material and crystals have a special mystical meaning and magical appeal associated with them. The objective of Lincoln Gems and Craft is to offer a little of something for all who love gemstones, natural unaltered material, and natural gem jewelry.

While occasionally working with species of gems from around the world, LincolnDust Devil "pink" Sunstone Gems and Craft will always favor domestic U.S.A. gemstones and rough material, such as Oregon Sunstone and Oregon Opal.  Oregon Sunstone, a Plagioclase Feldspar, has very broad ranges of color, schiller, sheen's, adularescence, pleochroism, and occasionally color change phenomenon.  The colors of Oregon Sunstone tend to be pastels and range from clear or light yellow Champagne, pink, orange, reddish-orange, orangy-red, raspberry, red, green, bicolor red green, copper colored schiller, and silver to blue adularescence.  Lincoln Gems and Craft Sunstone PendantThe better adularescence specimens can be compared to some moonstones from otherLincoln Gems and Craft Dust Devil Mine Sunstone Gems regions of the world.  Near Plush, Oregon, there is a public collection area for Oregon Sunstone.  Some of the better specimens, however, are from the adjacent Dust Devil Mine and associated claims.  This material cuts very well, and makes into valuable and highly collectable gems and jewelry.  The Dust Devil mine is seasonally open to fee digging for anyone lucky enough to visit the region.   Please visit the Links page to check them out.

Oregon Sunstone is famous, but the less well known Oregon Opal is an important faceting and carving material. The important sources of Oregon Opal are the basalt's in south central Oregon.  Our current favorite Oregon Opal comes from the Juniper Ridge Mine.   This mine produces Oregon Opal in various shades of Juniper Ridge Opal cut by Lincoln Gems and Craftyellow, orange, reddish-orange, and cherry like hues.  The better specimens of Oregon Opal from this mine are comparable in quality to the Fire Opal from Mexico or Brazil.  This mine has been newly reopened for a few years now, but a few small pieces of rough Lincoln Gems and Craft Juniper Ridge Fire Opal Pendantfrom this area that were mined in the mid-1950’s are in Lincoln Gems and Craft inventory.  They are still stable after nearly fifty years of dry storage.  The material cuts and polishes very well, but like all opals must be handled with reasonable care.  Jewelry and gems cut from this material are very striking, and are to be prized.  Like the Dust Devil Mine mentioned above, visitors are accommodated.   You can check them out by visiting the Links page.

Lincoln gems and Craft does resale some commercially cut gems, but offers custom cutting services for individual or very small volumes of gemstones.  All our gems are individually hand cut on either an Ultra Tec, or Fac-ette Gem Master II  manual faceting machine.  Please visit  our Policies page to review terms, conditions and charges.


Most images in this site have links to related topics, or to additional information, so please freely click on all the images to fully explore the site.  As you review the various offerings you will note that attempts are made to accurately represent the item quality and condition in some detail.  All items shown are in our judgment of good quality, and you are protected by our no questions asked sales return policy.  Lincoln Gems and Craft values your continued business.

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